Friday, September 30, 2011

Blog Post, rhetoric analysis

The blog post I have decided to analyze is Should Christians Celebrate Christmas and it comes from the blog The blog theme is God and I, and is basically about a Christian woman who discusses a lot of Christian issues.

Rhetoric Situation:
In this specific blog, the Writer/speaker is Seane-Anna (a Christian woman), the audience is really anyone and everyone-but mainly narrows in on Christians who celebrate Christmas. The issue is whether or not Christians should decide to celebrate Christmas FOR the reasons they celebrate it.

4 questions about the blog post:
1. What is the author trying to do?
In this post, the author is trying to give both sides of why/why not Christians celebrate Christmas and then convince people believe in it for the right reason.

2. What specific tools or stategies are they using?
I think that a main tool the author uses is Logos. She uses a lot of logical reason for why or why not to celebrate Christmas for the reason they do. She uses things like facts from the Bible as well as facts of other religions etc. Another tool I think she uses is the fact that she really sides with the "Christian Person". What I mean is that she says yes, I am Christian, and yes I celebrate Christmas, so in a sense she is kind of establishing herself as a person that a Christian reader would want to listen to because of the same beliefs. She just goes on to say, sure, celebrate Christmas, but do it for the right reason.

3.What does this tool make the audience think or feel or believe in?
As I mentioned above, these tools allow the reader to side with the author, allowing the author to be more convincing and believable in what she says. Also, she uses logic which is hard to deny and makes her opinion even more convincing.

4. Why does the author need the audience to think or believe in that thing?
I think that the audience needs to think and feel that way because instead of just celebrating Christmas blindly, they need to really find a reason why they celebrate Christmas in their hearts because she mentions that Christmas is under constant attack and people are trying to do away with it. So, if you firmly believe in it, then it will be hard for people to destroy those beliefs.


  1. Very interesting blog. Im excited for the rhetoric analysis.

  2. I don't know why, I just get a feeling that you are going to dominate the analysis essay! I feel you already have the essay completely written... haha

  3. This looks like a great post to analyze, Kelsey. A bit on the shorter side, but I think there's still a lot to analyze here. Full steam ahead! (is that even a saying?)