Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Night in the Haunted Motel...Well I Thought it Was

The Antler Motel....Attic.

So this past weekend my parents and two sisters came up to drop my youngest sister off at BYUI. So, I decided to quit work and go with them. Both my fiance and I went up.

On Friday morning, we set off on our journey. This will have made my second trip to Rexburg. And there are no promises that there will be a third. It could be the longest 4 hour drive of potatoes, wheat, potatoes, sugar beets, potatoes. Field after field. So anywho, after our very long, uninteresting drive, we got to Idaho and unloaded my sisters room and started to set her up in her apartment.

After that, we made a spur of the moment decision to continue the 70 miles to Jackson Hole, WY, since no one in the car had been there before. When we got there it was about 6 in the evening, so we decided to find a hotel to stay in before it got too dark to keep looking around.

Jackson is a huge tourist destination. It's full all the time year round. The weekend we got there, there was a huge gallery showing, farmers market, and a bike/running marathon. Plus millions of people. Literally every hotel in the little city was booked, and had been booked for months. So, we were calling around frantically hoping we didn't have to drive back to Driggs to stay the night. Finally, the Antler Motel let us know that they were expecting some firemen to come take the room, but they had not showed so they had an opening for the time being. Before they let us book it they made us come over and look at it.The "common area" with two wood chairs to watch tv in.

The little attic room consisted of a common area and 3 bedrooms with 4 beds. Since there were 6 of us, and 0 other open hotel rooms this would have to do. We walked up the narrow stairway to look at this room. I don't know if you've seen the Ring or the Grudge, but I swear they were both filmed in the little attic hotel room. There were all these little doors in the walls that were sealed shut, creepy mirrors, broken windows, old doors with the key hole locks. Seriously the most stereotypical freaky room ever.

As were were playing cards in my fiance's room, we kept hearing noises and decided to plan the filming of our own scary movie, unfortunately, me being the loud mouth, would have to die first. As midnight came around, we decided it best to go to sleep because of the early morning we had ahead of us. My fiance Brandon made me leave the door open as well as take the creepy mirror off his wall and hide it. I must've talked the good talked and freaked him out really good because he's not scared of anything much less a mirror on the wall. After I abandoned him in his room, I went to the other room that had two beds in it. My mom and younger sister had already fallen asleep and my sister and I shared the other bed. We kept trying to scare each other all through the night and finally I somehow fell asleep.

See, I wasn't kidding about it being from the ring.
I would be freaked out if this were in my room too.

Fortunately, I managed to get an hour of sleep here and there throughout the night, but it really was the most creepy, awful experience of my life. If you ever find yourself in Jackson Hole, avoid the Antler Motel at all costs. I'd hate for my scary story to become a reality. : )


  1. I would really like to see this scary movie you guys made. Though, I haven't seen the Ring or the Grudge, so I'm not sure it would have the same effect, but either way I think it would be fun to watch. You should defiantly post it.

  2. That is an awesomely scary picture of you in the mirror! Haha, the angle makes it look like whoever is taking the picture should be reflected in the mirror, but instead someone else is being reflected. Creeepy.

  3. That Mirror is definitely freaky, I used to hate the ring. Actually I still do.