Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My not so open, open topic blog

So for theme of my blog, I've decided to focus it on just being more of a public journal, I do have another blog that focuses on my photography, so just for this on here it will be geared towards everything that is going on in my life as well as my fiance's. The updates will mostly be used for in laws and my parents to look at to see pictures or other ideas that I want for my wedding.

So, in lieu of my "blog theme" I'll write my first post.

HE loves....
1. HER
2. Sushi
3. 1969 Mustangs
4. The Bill O'Reilly Show
5. Politics
6. Aviation
7. WW2 antiques
8. Fantasy Football
9. Camping
10. Naps

SHE loves....
1. HIM
2. Photography
3. DIY Crafts
5. Interior Design
6. Babies
7. Camping
8. Thunder storms
9. Sleeping in
10. The Big Bang Theory and Arrested Development

This past week I went and stayed in Vegas with my fiance and his family. We went down to celebrate his birthday and also to try to sell a WW2 propeller at the Pawn shop that is on the tv show Pawn Stars. I also had never been to Vegas so I wanted to experience it. After 6 long hours of driving down we stopped by the Pawn shop and waited forEVER. Finally, we reached the front of the line and instantly were turned away. Ever since they had someone bring in a prop for the show, they've been getting tons. So, we left and went across the street to an antique shop and sold it there for 700$. Awesome. Since we only bought it for $400.

After that we went to the Caesars Palace Hotel and walked through it and then made our way through to the Venetian hotel. I have to admit, those hotels are AMAZING, but I don't think I will ever go to Vegas again. It was only like 107 degrees and like 12 noon. Perhaps I will go to see the strip during the night time, apparently it makes a huge difference. I'm not so much a fan of people handing out gross fliers everywhere you look, smoke filling every inch of fresh air there could have been and just weird, crazy looking and acting people all over the place. So thank you Vegas for the trip out of Utah, but I don't think you and I will be meeting again for a very long time. Vegas is not really the place for a sheltered LDS girl to go hang out at. Not to mention the end is coming and Vegas might have to be one of the first places to go. In my opinion of course.

Overall it was a great trip, got to take my fiance to our favorite restaurant in the world for sushi, open presents, and eat cake and ice cream. Only downer was I had to be back in time for work bright and early Monday morning. Bleh! Well there's nothing like getting out of Provo any chance you get.

Till we meet again, Vegas.


  1. Vegas done right is awesome, and that is a screaming deal on that propeller. Did you buy it with selling it later in mind?

  2. Kelsey I TOTALLY agree with you about only needing to experience Vegas once. My husband and I did the whole night thing on the strip, and could definitely see why it's called Sin City. But we stayed at the Palazzo which is connected with the Venetian and like you said, those hotels are SO fancy!! You could basically just stay in one of those hotels and have a whole vacation there.