Wednesday, October 5, 2011

-Open Topic: Disney

So... I've come to the realization lately how much I miss Disney. I worked there in 2010 as a Photographer for the Disney College Program Internship. Best. Experience. Ever. Any who, now that I'm back at college I've become a Disney College Campus Representative. So pretty much for a few weeks Disney consumes my life and it always makes me think about how much I miss the actual thing. Anyways this next week we're having our presentation where our official Disney Recruiter flies in and we try to recruit people for the program. So anyways, I don't really have anywhere that I'm going with this blog, just that I miss Disney a lot. Oh and my fiance hates Disney only because I talk about it all the time so much, so now I have to kinda cool it on that. I have Disney everywhere right now, an Ariel keychain, an Ariel decal on my car window, pictures all over my room, AND my favorite movie right now is Tangled. Needless to say I watch that like 10 times... a day. : ) So anyways, if anyone ever decides to take a trip to Disneyland, I will probably be a stowaway in your trunk because I miss that place so much!

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