Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Oped Experience

I absolutely hate writing. I think it is one of the worst subjects ever, and right now, I'm in two. So for me, it is a big deal when I say that this was actually a really painless and even kind of fun/good for me type paper. I really like the way it is on a blog and so it's less formal. It's also really easy to write in a less formal style. As for the oped, I really liked it because first off, we were allowed to pick our own topic. I hate having a topic chosen for me and having to bust out 10 pages on it. And second, it was a topic that we could feel passionate about and therefore really put effort and thought into it. I also like the idea of learning about rhetorical because it is something that is very important in almost everything you do, without even realizing, so, if you can be good at it, and really know it, you'll be that much more successful.

For me, the overall process of the oped was great. I liked having a step-by-step process: first the draft, then the peer review, then the writing lab review, then the final draft. It made it really easy to follow along and have a lot of second opinions. I also like that it was pretty quick to do, the due dates were all close together so it helped me avoid procrastination. I liked this project and I thought it worked really well and was a good learning experience.

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  1. I'm the other way on this. I love having my topic chosen for me. I think it's because I like to argue things when I hear them, so maybe I'm an impulse arguer. But I do agree that the revision process was really nice and allowed me to see changes that were needed for my paper that I don’t think I would have just caught without a review.