Thursday, October 20, 2011

peer review, review.

So I wasn't at the last peer review that we did, but I do know that we just brought our papers to class and read them there. What I liked about the peer review today in class is that each of the students came prepared with each essay read and were ready to talk about what went well, and what didn't go so well. Personally, I think that this was better for me than going to the writing lab. When I went there, he just basically told me that he had no idea how to instruct me on how to write a good paper for a blog, so it was a waste of my time. This though, I wasn't scared to give or get criticism, and it is not as intense as going to a writing lab where they are "professional" and are not scared to rip apart you paper, along with your hopes and dreams. No, not really, but almost. Anyways, I think it was an effective use of time and it worked out great.


  1. I'm sorry you did not a very good experience in going to the review lab. To be honest, I don't really like going to things like that either. Thank you for sharing! You're the best! WOO.

  2. Haha seriously he told that to you? maybe he thought your paper was way too good, and didn't know what to critique you on. so... he just decided to make an excuse. haha

  3. Mark, you are very nice for saying that. Who know, though! Maybe it was just way too awesome!